Royal City School of Ballet


Students are trained in classical ballet through the Royal Academy of Dance. The R.A.D., one of the largest examining bodies for classical ballet, maintains a worldwide standard. The syllabus has carefully staged goals structured to reflect the principles of safe dance practice. Most ballet classes are accompanied by a pianist.
The Junior School (Levels One through Four) concentrates on developing technique (within the range of the dancerís physical ability), strength, quality of movement, artistry and musicality. As well as classical ballet, which is the foundation and most important part of the syllabus, classes include free movement and character work. In the character work section, students study national dance in Hungarian, Ukrainian and Russian styles.
In the Senior School (Vocational Graded Levels Intermediate Foundation through Advanced 2) students work towards greater technical ability, co-ordination, control, fluidity of movement, expression and sense of performance. Those students deemed ready (assessment is on an individual basis) will begin to work on pointe in the Intermediate Foundation level.
Level One students may attend class once or twice per week. Level Two students should attend two classes per week. Two classes per week are recommended from this level onwards for the safe development of technique.