Royal City School of Ballet


Founded in 1979, Royal City School of Ballet and Jazz provides a high quality dance education and training program that promotes the technical, musical and artistic development of each student. A solid foundation in classical ballet and jazz form the core of the dance program. Rhythm and musicality are fostered by both the specific rhythmic exercises of the jazz syllabus and the pianist accompaniment of ballet classes. The professional and experienced faculty nurture and encourage each child’s individual potential through their natural love of dance, whether the student is pursuing dance for recreational purposes or a professional career.


"The individualized feedback and consistent recognition of hard work at RCSB allowed me to greatly improve my technique and artistry in a thoroughly enjoyable class atmosphere."
Kathleen Church (from Toronto)

"The combination of excellent technical instruction, discipline and individualized attention at RCSB was refreshing and encouraging. And what a wonderful community of caring teachers, supportive families and enthusiastic students!"
Georgia Simms (from Milton)

"I came to RCSB after having taken a 2-year break from ballet training. Instantly, I felt inspired and motivated to dance once more. It was at RCSB that I rediscovered my love of dance, regained my musicality and became the best dancer I could be. I've never had so much fun in a dance class!"
Sawngjai Manityakul (from Thailand)